Welcome to The Collective Spirit of Light

We are all energy, each of us a thread in the universal blanket. This website is my thread, my energy and through our collective consciousness you're a part of it as well. Feel free to browse the writings, embrace the message and share your thoughts and ideas.

Everyone wants to know what the end of 2012 holds for us. We are at a spritual cross roads--the completion of a 5,125 year cyle predicted by many including the Mayans. I believe what 2012 holds for us is an energy shift. How we move into and through this shift is up to us. We are standing together on the cusp of the unknown. Join me and together we will walk into the light of tomorrow.  

 Please feel free to leave a comment or question you might have by clicking on the "comments tab" . I respond to all comments .

Coming soon will be a tab called " Weekly Wisdom", it will contain pieces that I have writtten , short stories and insights designed to provide thought provoking insight into daily challenges as well as positive affirmations that you are exactly where you`re meant to be , Light always, Paul



Paul Rollings is an award winning poet and accomplished speaker with published works spanning over 12 years. His CD titled "Insights Into My Soul" has spoken to many with his spritual challenge to join him on a journey into the light. Most recently he has written a detailed documentry regarding the 2012 energy shift in which he believes we all play an integral part. 

Paul can be contacted directly at paulpoet4@msn.com and welcomes input from all who look to gain a greater understanding of the "awakening" that lives within us all. 

He is available for speaking engagments , both public and private to share his insight and beliefs.

"Insights Into My Soul" is the author's first CD. It contains 16 works including the award winning piece "The Chosen Path". Listen as the poet's voice guides you through a journey of self realization and awakening. The music score in the background combines wind flutes and drum rhythms that beat in perfect harmony with the spoken words.

Many use this CD as part of their meditation practice or as a daily motivational excercise.

Either way it provides a strong foundation for your journey into the light. Each piece is specifically selected to carry another message of awareness of our spiritual self. Those recovering from addictions find both the message and the metering provides a calmness as they move through emotional challenges.