2012 - The Beginning or the End? (Circle One)

Well it is finally upon us, 2012, the year that some believe will be our last on this planet. Does it bring atrocities beyond our wildest comprehension, massive earthquakes, global flooding, engulfing fires… a Spice Girls reunion tour?

Most of this concern is said to be based on predictions made by an ancient civilization we know very little about, the Mayans. So is it time to throw caution to the wind, max out the credits cards, and have a mind blowing global orgy? Well maybe not just yet. If 2012 is really the end of civilization, I think we need to know. After all I can`t be the only one faced with the dilemma of deciding if I should pay for all those extended warranties that came with the holiday gifts.

To fully appreciate and correctly understand the predicted impending doom we need to back up a little (ok, a lot) and understand what has led up to where we are today. First, science is not going to be very helpful on this one because for all our collective technical knowledge there`s not a smart phone “app” yet that addresses the very essence of us, our souls, which is what seems needed to guide us through year end.

Let`s start with the Mayans, what they really said, what it was based on and who these people actually are. There are currently estimated to be 2 million Mayans living today. Most believe the Mayan are descendants from Atlantis , and all that talk about a hidden city that ultimately found its final resting place at the bottom of the ocean is true.   The Mayans were an advanced society that understood light (the spiritual kind) and energy at a level far above our current knowledge. Not surprising also is that they were expert mathematicians. Over 20 calendars were developed before Christ by this ancient culture and still hold accurate dates and predictions. The Mayan calendar is based in cycles, segmented into different parts that made up the whole. It is a non-repeating calendar that is known as the Mesoamerican long count calendar that shows the completion of a 5,125 year cycle in 2012, on 12/21/2012 for those who feel the need to be exact.


Before we go any further lets clarify that the Mayans didn`t say or predict the world will end in 2012.   What they do say according to their long calendar is that we will complete a full energy cycle in the year 2012. Not surprising is that others who have mastered the same set of number “crunching” skills show the same completion of the long calendar. Nostradamus called it first arena.

Looking at the same timeframe from a totally different angle, that of “star alignment” also yields some interesting facts. In the winter solstice of 2012 the sun will be aligned in the center of the Milky Way (the star constellation not the candy bar) so whatever energy that flows between the Earth and the Milky Way will be disrupted. We estimate the last time this happened was about 26,000 years ago, so to quote that delightfully silly voice on the Carl`s Jr. ads…”It`s gonna be big”.

Turning back to the Mayan writings known as codices, little if any documentation is left to help provide more insight as it seems that when the Spaniards came upon the Mayan civilization in the early 15th century the Mayan’s practices were viewed as “pagan”.   Under the order of a catholic bishop most of the Mayan scrolls and writings were destroyed (not judging, just saying).

So…..where do we go from here? Do we continue to move forward with reckless abandon or do we catch the next flight to Tibet and join the monk of the month club? Well hang on; there are a few more things we need to know….

We are all individuals in an egocentric sense; the ego relies on this to flourish. The ego tells us that we are the “center” and all else revolves around us which sounds pretty silly when we say it out loud. But, just watch the daily news for proof of the ego in action and not always in a good way. For example remember the lady in a department store spraying mace at all the other shoppers this past “holiday” season to assure she would be the first one to get the first of whatever was being offered at a bargain price? Yes there`s the ol` ego in action.   We all let ego lead us on some level and are quick to justify our own actions as being different from the masses…but they really aren`t. (The surge you just felt in reading that was the ego wanting to stand and defend.) Enough said.

If we remove ego and simply look at ourselves as energy then we quickly realize we are all energy in the same universe, each of us a part of a greater whole. The lady who sprayed the mace, the guy who cut you off this morning on the way to work, the old man smiling and waving on his front lawn, and the you, are all from the same energy source. This energy also exists outside the human realm in a vast array of other forms in our incredible universe. Energies are provided in numerous ways, many critical to our very existence such as water, air, sunlight and even gravity. All energies are designed to complement one another and assure a harmonic balance.

Starting to feel a little worried?   Well good, but don`t give up all hope just yet. Let’s go on.

Look at the universe as a fabric, a blanket of white light, and each one of us as a thread of that fabric, every living element a thread in the fabric and what we know as love is the weave that keeps the fabric together. Earth itself is in dire straits. It`s energy and purpose was simply to sustain life and allow us to flourish and we`ve “thanked” her by polluting the water, the air and putting what was once a pristine landscape all in the name of human progress. Left to our own accord the future of Earth seems pretty bleak and that`s just one element of the energy, one small corner of this infinite blanket.

The fabric is unraveling, threads are broken and tears are forming. Our blanket is stained from centuries of spills from careless concern. So do we throw out the blanket, try to patch the tears, see if we can use some magic stain remover and call it good, or shall we carefully salvage all that is still intact and start weaving another blanket? Hold that thought.

Let`s move the conversation back to the energy and look at two examples of human energy that originate from the same cup that we all “drink” from…

Yesterday a six year old boy in a small isolated village in Africa loaded leather pouches on his back and made a two hour trek to a distant watering hole. He filled the pouches that weigh almost as much as his malnourished body does and he headed home. He is very familiar with the process and knows the way to and from well as he has done this task 3 days a week for close to a year. He is the only one in his family well enough to make the journey as the others weak or bed ridden. As he left the hut where his family lives his mother said a silent prayer for his safe return because there are lions that roam the watering hole and sleep under the shade trees close by the water`s edge. The trip is made at the hottest part of the day where temperatures easily reach over 100 degrees in the hopes that the big cats will be sleeping in the afternoon heat. The boy gave thanks as he approached the water`s edge because it had rained for two days prior and there was an abundant supply within reach. As he left he picked up a stick to help steady himself under the heavy load of the water filled pouches and as he set off for home he laughed and made shadow shapes in the hot sand in front of him. He laughed out loud as several shadows reminded him of animals. Back at the hut the precious water was added to ground corn mash and rice and cooked over a small open fire providing the only meal that the family ate yesterday. As his mother gave him a small bowl of this food he looked over at his younger sister and after taking a few mouthfuls he puts the rest of his food into her bowl. She has been sick and he knows the nutrition will help her get better. He falls asleep after playing a few minutes of peek-a-boo with his younger sister; they both were laughing and giggling and as she drifts off to sleep.   He is thankful his sister is doing better and that he won`t have to make the trip to the watering hole tomorrow, so his list of chores will be one less. As he closes his eyes he looks out of the hut and lifts his head from the dirt floor, he looks at a spectacular sunset and he smiles when he sees all the variations of orange, his favorite color. Yes, this is a true story.

On the other side of the world in a country foreign to the African boy, a man sits at a table in his local coffee shop, drinking a flavored latte` and scowling at the barista that made his coffee. The frothed milk topping seems a little weak in his opinion and doesn`t have the consistency he prefers. He gets up and complains about the drink which he has now handed back and as another is made for him he looks at his watch infuriated that he has to take this one in a to go cup so he can make his tee off time at the local golf course. He complains to his golfing partner about how this day started out badly and is just getting worse as he watches his tee shot slice to the right. He throws down his club in disgust and yells at his caddy to get them a golf cart for the reminder of the game. The temperature is 80 degrees and it`s 150 yards to the next hole. Leaving the golf course after a hot shower and a few refreshing drinks he pulls into the local car wash to have them do a quick clean and shine on his new “wheels” and barks at the kid vacuuming the inside to “Do a good job this time”! Twenty minutes later he walks into his business meeting and blurts out for all to hear “You can`t believe the crappy day I had today!” He falls asleep that evening still annoyed with his perceived incompetence of the world around him, and as he drifts off he mutters something derogatory about the homeless person who “bugged “him at the traffic light. Yes, this is a true story.

So you decide who, regardless of circumstance, has added positively to the universe’s energy and who has poisoned it. Add yourself into the mix and decide what type of energy you put into the mix each day, where you sit on the continuum. If we take out the justification of “why” we do what we do as we rewind yesterday in our mind it is clear that justification of bad behavior is nothing more than an excuse for us to create bad energy. Recognize that the universe only absorbs the energy not the excuse. Go ahead and really think for a moment. Take out a piece of paper and simply make two columns with a plus sign above one and a minus above the other. As you think about your day put a check mark in the column that matches each action or thought ….yes even thoughts count.

Next do the same exercise as you watch the news tonight. Have the tally sheet in front of you and mark the appropriate column for the full 30 minutes. Which column has more checkmarks? Those are some of the more popular energy messages that the universe received today.

Now factor in the current world population of 7 billion. Where exactly do we sit collectively on the scale of light vs. dark, good vs. evil, positive vs. negative? Suffice to say that it`s being assessed by a power much greater than us and guess what, it`s time for an energy shift. We need a course correction in the human journey and, yes, it will affect all of us.

To what degree it impacts us as a collective consciousness depends on what we do, both individually and collectively, to add to the positive column. So let`s talk about specifically what you and I can do and here`s another flash for you, building a bomb shelter in the mountains and stocking it with bottled water and cases of canned beans isn`t going to save your life or your soul, that`s your ego frantically searching for some ridiculous solution, like handing out multi- vitamins to the millions who died of the plague …so clear that thought, roll up your sleeves and read on ….

Let’s start with an apology, saying it silently but with conviction, to all living things we have wronged in this lifetime.   See their faces and feel their energy. Then let’s take a deep breath and say aloud “I`m sorry”. Words carry energy and those two words, when heartfelt, are very powerful indeed. The next step is also very critical in the process - do two nice things each day, one to a person, the other to the planet. These can be very simple. Here are some examples to help you get the positive energy ball rolling:

-Thank someone for something they`ve done or said that was positive.

-Refuse to participate in a “judgment conversation” of a person.

-Correct a negative thought where you have no fact based truth (ex. that street person must be a lazy bum) to “I wonder what his energy is teaching him”.

-Acknowledge another viewpoint that may be different from yours (you don`t have to agree with it just acknowledge it).

-Reduce your negative thoughts by one each day…and add a positive one.


In addition do an act of kindness for our planet daily:

-Pick up a piece of litter and throw it away

-Actually use the recycle bin

- Drink a GLASS of water instead of using another plastic bottle

- Watch a sunrise or sunset and smile at the end

-Carpool to an event

These are just some simple examples that times 7 billion will start having immediate impact in our collective good column. Oh, which brings up my last request, we really need to spread the word about energy so let`s use our communication skills and get in touch with those other 7 billion people. How? You read this entire message for a reason so please share the message. Send it via e-mail, face book, twitter or any other media to a few other people and, no I won`t give you a number or tell you that something bad will happen if you don`t (we already covered that in the letter)…just a humble please help is all I ask. If you know a local publisher of a newspaper, magazine, or book you have my permission to give this to them .

Who am I? I`m just like you in most ways. My name is Paul and one of my many gifts is having several beautiful grand children who I love very much and who deserve a chance at a better world then we currently live in; you and your family deserve the same. I will be in touch with you again with a “progress” report that you will receive in the same format that you received this. If you need or want to contact me please do so at paulpoet4@msn.com.

Thank you for listening, I appreciate and respect your time. We can shift the universal energy together, and now you know what 2012 could be …Better than we`ve ever imagined………                                

                                                       Wishing you all love and light, Paul