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 This week`s writing speaks to the development of the softer senses, things that we "feel" rather than know, intuition vs factual reference and those things that science can not yet explain...do you really want to know what goes "bump" in the night ?.......Read on ...


We answer the phone , a call from someone we had been thinking about,…….a meeting with a stranger turns out to be a career path change……., we wake in the middle of the night feeling ill and the next morning find out a grandparent had died . We all have had experiences that seem to defy the logic of the 5 senses of sight , sound, touch , taste and smell, yet they are as real to us. We, for lack of knowledge, view these as coincidence, a series of events that just happen to coincide at the same time. We move forward preoccupied in the activity of the day engaged in only events we can understand through these same senses.

Our physical bodies have evolved to rely on these senses, those things that we can hear , see, smell , touch or taste we file as absolute truth, having been validated through our “sensory system”.

Yet we know that these senses fall short when challenged by even a slight variable , a simple picture that viewed one way shows one image , looked at with a slight suggestion of something else can in fact bring a second image to the forefront, what we believe to be a baby`s cry turns out to be a garden gate swinging in the breeze. What this tells us is these senses are only able to interpret information based on what we have in our memory files of our human experience in this lifetime, for as vast as they may seem it is truly limited by and dependent upon our learned knowledge.

More importantly none are designed to address those things mentioned earlier, the phone call , the life changing meeting, etc.

As we our evolving so too are our senses as we find ourselves speaking of “gut feelings” or simply a “vibe” that something is not as it appears.

There are other senses that as a whole we don`t use as often as the “fabulous five” but there is no denying their existence, they are the softer senses.

It is easy for us to take the known senses and coupled with a technological tool like the internet believe all answers exist by just typing a question and accessing the right search engine and while there is no denying the benefits it too is limited by the human experience , by those who have down loaded the information . If 100 years ago someone would of spoke of information being contained in a data base and within seconds of going on line at a remote wireless terminal all would have thought them insane , yet today it exists. So again, we must learn to think beyond those fabulous five knowing that what lies ahead is already there just yet undiscovered….